Who Says Your Bikini Has to Be Isty Bitsy??

It’s that dreaded time of year once again, bathing suit season. During the summer many of us want to go lie by the pool and maybe have a cute waiter bring us a drink with an umbrella in it. All joking aside, I feel like this is a subject the Christian community is fairly divided about. On the one hand people argue that girls should wear one pieces to be more modest and not draw attention. But hey, I’m a teenage girl, and honestly wearing a one piece literally makes me feel like I’m suffocating my stomach. Face it, every girl likes wearing a bikini because we feel like guys don’t really notice us in one pieces. There really is nothing better than getting checked out by a cute boy on the beach. Talk about a shot of confidence.

The truth is, however, the Bible doesn’t really say anything about the types of swim suits a girl should wear. It does, however, talk about modesty, which is part of the essential makeup I feel that all truly Christian women should possess.

1 Timothy 2: 9 says ” Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self control. “

So I began to do more research on one piece bathing suits. The problem teenage girls run into today when looking for one pieces is that there just aren’t a ton of great options. Unless you want to look like an Olympic swimmer or your grandmother, you’re pretty out of luck.

Then I stumbled upon Jessica Rey’s Swimwear. Jessica Rey is an amazing woman who believes that one pieces are the way to go. She was so fed up trying to find an attractive one piece that she decided to create her own. I’m going to post the link to her website below and I encourage you to check it out. Jessica is also very outspoken about modesty.

Jessica recently spoke at a conference I found on Youtube, where she talked about her controversial opinion on choosing to show less skin. She mentions a poll where Princeton college males had their brains scanned when they were shown a number of images. When the males were shown pictures of scantily clad women, the part of the brain associated with power tolls lit up. However, many men showed zero activity in the medial prefrontal cortex of the brain, or the part of the brain where one thinks of another’s thoughts and intentions, when shown those images. When this information was revealed to a college professor, he commented saying, ” They are responding to these pictures as if they were objects.” I don’t know about you but I definitely do not want a guy to view me as an “object.”

So on the one hand I feel that yes, it would be more modest to wear a one piece, but on the other hand just because you are showing more skin in a bikini doesn’t make it immodest, necessarily. The problem with bikinis today is that so many of them are literally colorful scraps of fabric that don’t really cover all the areas they should. At the end of the day, we all just need a bathing suit that isn’t going to fall off when we go running into the ocean. Nothing is more distracting when you are trying to enjoy your time in the water than constantly checking to make sure you haven’t flashed your cousins or brother.

That is why when shopping for a bathing suit one needs to always, always, always try it on. Here are some things I always like to check before purchasing a bikini.

  1. Is it properly covering the three B’s? Boobs, butt, and back. If you feel like you are showing too much in the dressing room, you will definitely be showing too much at the beach.
  2. What would my dad or pastor think if he saw me in this suit? It might be an awkward question to ask yourself, but you need to realize that you aren’t just going to be getting young male attention with what you wear. Would you be comfortable showing this amount of skin around someone you respect?
  3. What is my goal for wearing this swimsuit? Does it make me feel great about myself and will be easy to swim in, or are you thinking more about the reaction of your crush?
  4. Don’t go for the skimpy. Go for the suit you can actually swim in.

It all comes down to our intentions behind the reason we are choosing to where bikinis. Are we seeking a comfortable suit or the attention that suit can bring us from guys? Are we seeking to honor God with our bodies or are we trying to exploit them? Modesty is always a tricky subject, but by exploring God’s word and asking Him to give you wisdom, it doesn’t have to be. He will convict you.

So the next time you head to the pool this summer, think twice before bearing it all. You might be surprised by the attention you get for covering up. 



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