To Be Truly Known By God

One of the greatest feelings is when someone just understand you.  Your sense of humor, the reason you ate a whole pizza at 2 in the morning, the way you act when you’re nervous, the way you want to be treated without asking, etc. There is something internally within us all that wants to be known and understood with no questions asked. As girls we crave the thought of finally finding a friend, in most cases a boy, or a mentor, who just totally understands us.

With our society today, many girls are turning to other things to understand them. Other things to make them feel like they’re worth knowing.  There is a craving inside all of us to be the girl that the attractive boy has an instant connection with, or the girl that just clicks with the cool group at school. That craving inside of us will never go away, not unless we look to God to fill that void for us. God is the only one in this whole universe who knows absolutely every last detail about us. From the lies we have never fessed up to, to the boy we’re embarrassed to be attracted to, to the very desires of our hearts.  tumblr_nn1qyxH3Xq1shcqiqo1_1280

“ You have searched me, Lord, and you know me. You know where I sit and where I rise. You perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways.”- Psalm 139

The God of the universe knows every thought we’ve ever had,  every place we’ll ever visit, and he laughs at every awkward joke we’ve ever told to impress someone. God gets us completely. We never have to try to impress him or be someone we aren’t when we talk to him, He just cares that we did. So next time you’re discouraged because your parents don’t understand your dreams, or the boy you spend all of your class time daydreaming about doesn’t get your humor, remember that God gets it.

In the long run is it more important for the world to get you, or for our eternal Savior to get you?

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