The Beauty In Loving Yourself

bible verse about beauty

Unfortunately that is not the beauty lesson that many members of society today are preaching. They tell us that to be called beautiful we need to buy expensive makeup and cover our faces with it until we barely recognize ourselves. It tells us that if we aren’t a size zero we are fat and worthless. It tell us that if we don’t have a boy constantly telling us we are beautiful that means we aren’t. And we believe it. We buy the makeup, run the extra miles at the gym, and tell ourselves we don’t have boyfriends because we aren’t pretty enough for them.

God wants us to challenge society’s rules. Long before the world began God was busy writing a love story, one that involves you and me. He was busy planning every step we would take, every word we would speak, and every feature of our bodies. He crafted us together the way an artist labors over his or her work. God created us authentically; differently than anyone else in the whole world.He calls me beautiful one

I have definitely struggled a lot with understanding that God made me the way I do for a reason. Seventh grade was the year that I finally shot up to be 5’8 and I don’t think there was a time I hated myself more. I went from being an average height to suddenly being this massive giant. While all the other girls were stuffing their bras and praying for their periods, I was praying that I wouldn’t grow to be 6ft tall. This even continued when I entered high school. I was terrified to wear heels or even sandals with a tiny wedge.  I convinced myself if I was even a centimeter taller I would start hitting my head on the ceiling, or worse, people would actually realize I’m tall ( I was hoping it was a secret).

Then around my junior year I realized how stupid this was. I was sick of not wearing heels and crying because of my height. God had made me tall for a reason( hopefully one that involves a very tall boy), and without my height I wouldn’t be able to do so many of the things I was accustomed to. For example, I wouldn’t be as good of a runner and jumper for my sports, I certainly wouldn’t be able to wear some of the styles of clothes I enjoyed, and I would have to be one of those people who needed help reaching the top shelf.

Hating things about our bodies is only going to make ourselves miserable. No matter how much we cry, pout, and eat nothing is going to change the way we look. The only thing we can do is accept the things we hate about ourselves and learn to love them. I’m not saying this is an easy challenge. There are still plenty of days I wince at the thought of having to wear heels and be the tallest girl in the room.

But God alone is the one who can help us to accept how we look to Him. To Him we are the authentic creation He made with His own hands. Every morning when you get up and look in the mirror, every time you head into a fitting room, and every time you pick up that container of ice cream to help you feel better, ask God to show you the beauty He crafted inside of you. He is waiting to show you how lovely you are to Him. All you have to do is let Him in.

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