Beauty. It’s something all girls struggle to possess and all girls want to be called. To be called beautiful, to be lovely, to be enchanting, to be wanted. That is our heart’s desire.

In today’s society beauty is something that has become warped by starving models on magazine covers and Victoria Secret ads where the girls hardly wear any clothing. But to God beauty is so much more. To him it is not something we have to try to grasp at, it is something we are born possessing,  something that is already inside of us.

The definition of beauty according to the dictionary at least, is a quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind. Even according to the dictionary, beauty is so much deeper than a face that was perfectly created with a make-up palette. Because beauty is more than skin deep. To be called beautiful is not simply to be gorgeous on the outside, but to be gorgeous on the inside as well. I think that God is calling all of us to a higher standard of beauty than is evident in today’s heavily backwards society. Our beauty is the most precious gift God has given us, and to waste our short lives on earth being insecure about our looks was never the way God intended us to live. beauty quote

Every time you look in the mirror and hate your reflection, every time you skip dessert because you think it will help you get a boyfriend, every time you wake up and your face is covered in acne, every time you stare enviously at another girl because you wish you looked like her, you’re breaking God’s heart. He created us, He wanted us, He thinks we are beautiful. To think we waste our time believing the lies that we are not is one of the saddest things in the world. God is the single creator of the universe and to judge our worth not by Him, but by what the nasty girls at our schools think of us or by what the ignorant boys call us behind our backs, is backwards. We have to stop believing the lies and start believing God’s truths.

I think that beauty can be summed up in six acronyms.  BEAUTY or trying to convince girls that they are Brilliant. Elegant. Authentic. Understood. Taken. Yielding.

So great ready to explore this series with me. Get ready to love yourself and discover the beauty God has already placed inside of you.

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